Winter Wonderland Finale - Richard Shenton

So with what's been a Gruelling Few sessions with the weather really beating me up and what's felt like a real head banger of a winter it's Finally Paid of all the Hard work determination and persistence.
I arrived at the lake after work on the Friday about 2:30pm after a quick walk around I decide to set up at the far end of the lake with it being winter there's not much sign of any fish.
Within a couple of hours of being at the lake it starts to hail and eventually temperatures plummet, with the rods on the money I decide to call it a night about 3am the temperature has really stopped and with light snow a bite seems near on impossible. With no action through the night I decide a move is in order at about 10am I take a walk round the lake and decide to pick a peg on the back of the wind as it has changed direction.
With another day of constant hail and rain I decide to call it a day and pack up at about 5pm go home warm up and have a re think.
It's now Sunday and with the winter nearly over and Spring just round the corner in determined to get a fish, as I arrive at the lake there's a slight frost but it already feels warmer than the previous day's with this in mind I decide to fish the shallower part of the of the lake.
I decide to stick the rods out on two spots that I have previously found in earlier sessions both about forty yards out. There both on the money so I decide to stick half a kilo of Bollies over the area and within a couple of hours the right hand rod rattles of with the alarm screaming into action. 
With the fish giving up a good amount of itself I finally slip the net under it and It's an Immaculate 16lb 5oz Linear I'm over the moon and buzzing what's been a hard winter all the hard work has paid of and I can go into spring knowing I've managed to get amongst the fish..... Let's see what Spring brings.  

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