Spring Is Here At Last - Richard Shenton

Spring Is Here at Last
So Spring is finally here the days are a bit Longer and the weather is finally starting to warm up.  It's the beginning of Spring and only been a couple of weeks since the Winter weather passed.
I arrive at the lake and it's a nice Bright day with temperatures of around 10 degrees and a gentle breeze which after the last session in the freezing cold temperatures is most welcome, I still have the rods clipped up from the last session so on arriving I have a quick walk round and after seeing a few bubbles I decide to fish the same swim as last time
I get both rods out on the spot with a few pouch fulls of Red Reaper Bollies and the traps are set as I'm setting the rest of my gear up one of the rods roars of in to action it's only been an hour since I cast out and I'm in to one which feels a decent size after a good scrap I get the fish in the net and it looks a beaut, after a quick change for a fresh rig and rods back out on the spot I weigh the fish "Stavaros" and it tips the scales at 27lb I'm chuffed to bits!
With the day passing I see plenty of fish show and as night draws in I've had no more action so I decide to get my head down when all of a sudden both rods go! I assume it's a trailer taking my rods out until I see them going different directions I strike into both but u fortunately loose the right hand fish after a short battle I'm rewarded with a cracking 26lb Mirror! I'm over the moon all the winter campaigning has paid of and come together and it's only the first session of Spring.......

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