Fallows - By Richard Shenton

Now that Spring is well and truly here and all the waters are getting pretty busy with Anglers trying to catch fish at their heaviest weight before they spawning my local water has been consistently been busy.
I decided to have a Social and Meet up with my good friends Scott Eyre and Darren Eyre for a 24 hour session at Farlows Lakes. On arrival Myself and Scott decided to have a wall round Lake 2 as Lake 1 was pretty packed.
After a quick walk around we found three pegs that were ideal for a social but where we had seen a couple of fish show, so it was back to the vans to grab the gear and set up.  After a quick lead around I found a gravel spot just behind a weed bed to my left and a gully to my right handside, with both rods clipped up and my rigs on using A yellow CornStack I got them both out on the spot.
Both Scott and Darren were set up next to me and after a few hours Darren and Scott had both had Fish. Within a few hours my left hand rod was away after a good fight Darren finally netted the fish for me and it was a stunning farlows mirror weighing 17lb.
I was delighted my first farlows carp and a real character at that with Apple slice scales, as the day went on we had a few more fish between us and with me landing a stunning common just under the 20lb mark put me ahead with the biggest fish of the session.
With Darren also landing a stunning Mirror during the night, it was a great 24hour session with six fish between us it had been a great social! We're currently planning a return visit to farlows to see what else we can try and winkle out.........possibly a 30lb+ out of lake One.

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