Pasture Wood Fisheries

So after weeks of Build up the Charity Event at Pasture Wood Fisheries is finally here. The event is to help raise money and awareness for The Down's syndrome association.  
With the three of us Richard Shenton, Scott Eyre and Darren Eyre all having a little social we are all keen to get to the lake and decide to meet and head of at 4am for the Long Four Journey.
After a smooth but long drive we arrive at the Lake to be greater by Colin Lee and his wife and daughter. After a quick chat and hand over off raffle prizes donated by various companies we have a walk round the lake to familiarise ourselves.
As we walk round the lake we spot a few fish topping out by pegs 34 and 35, with it being a social and there being space and fish showing we head back to the van to grab the gear and decide to set up here.  A quick lead around and Straight away I can feel there is quiet allot of silkweed with a few clear spots. 
With the fishery having a no braided rigs rule I opt for a stiff hinged rig on the right hand rod and a D rig in the left had rod, with the spots located and rods wrapped and marked out to the distances I get them out on the spots.  After a couple of hours Scott has the first take but unfortunately no fish is landed, with a couple more occurrences it becomes clear the fish are in the area. 
With it proving to be difficult and the signs of some fish spawning we decide to approach the event as a team and try different baits, with there being a no imitation bait rule I opt for a washed out yellow pop up on the stiff hinged rig. After just 45minutes the rod is if and bending round after a short fight the fish is in the net and weighed.  It's only a 7lb 4oz mirror but also only the second fish of the match which is good news as we're now on the board! 
With the yellow proving to have worked Darren and Scott decide to follow suit and get the rods back out just before dark. After a long drive early start and long day we decide to get our heads down and see what the night brings.
Not long after getting our heads Down Scott's Left had rod burst into action and ended up with him landing a cracking Leather carp. Shortly followed by a lovely little mirror carp.  With the rest of the early hours being quiet for myself and Darren a change of rigs in the morning was my first port of call. 
As the rest of the day progressed it was apparent the fish were spawning as the day continued with little bites and fish around the lake it was a quiet Evening for Us to.  With the final whistle going Scott had managed to secure himself a second place victory! 
We were all over the moon and after a great weekend raising money for a great cause it was time to hit the road for our 4 hour journey home. 

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