Hardwick and Smith Linear Complex


I was invited to take part in a Castaway Match /Social by my a good Friend and team mate Kevin Goss, me being me i was keen to take him up on the offer. The venue was Hardwicks and smith lake on the Linear complex.


Not having fished the lake before leading up to the event I did a bit of research just to find out a bit about the lake, after doing this I had a few swims in mind that I wanted to try and get on if the fish were there.

After arriving and getting on the gate first light it gave me the opportunity to have a walk round to try and find the fish. After walking round the lake I spotted a few fish rolling and a lot of fizzing and bubbling, I made a mental note of where I had seen them as in a few hours everyone would arrive.

Having done introductions and having a walk around the draw for pegs was soon under way, I was third out in the draw and managed to get the swim that I wanted which was peg 21. I seen fish topping on a few spots in the swim on my walk round first thing in the morning.

After only an hour of being set up my right hand rod ripped off and I was into a fish to my amazement,  after a few minutes of playing the fish and getting caught up in a weed bed I unfortunately lost the fish I was gutted but with my confidence high and my rig ready to go Back on the spot got it back out on and waited patiently.


With the weather being scorching hot and fish on the surface I decided to put Zig Rigs on all three rods and fish a sloppy spod mix over the top of the zigs. After a few hours of persisting 
I had no joy on the zigs and decided to change to a stiff hinge rig go through the night and see what it would produce.


As the night passed and early morning slipped to late morning and at 11:21 my right hand rod went into melt down and screamed off, after a good fight and getting the fish through the weed in front the fish graced the net and a I managed to bag this cracking 26lb 12oz mirror caught on apop up on a stiff hinge of a scattering of Bollies about 20 yards out on the back of a weed bed over a clear spot.


I was over the moon as the lake had been fishing hard with the fish not taking zigs or floating bait but persistence had finally paid of with the rest of the session producing no more fish I was delighted with the result and can't wait to get back there again...

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