Jake Bannister - Old Mill

I arrived at Old Mill Lakes on the Friday after work with 36 hours ahead of me. I gathered the gear onto the barrow and made the short push up to the lake After stopping and talking to a few people I decided to head back to the shallows as the weekend planned to give good weather and I knew they would get in there if it turned out to be hot. Already knowing the spots and having them jotted down from a previous session I got everything together and proceeded to wrap the rod to the right marks. I introduced around a kilo and a half of Trent Baits Shrimp over the 3 spots and presented small orange pop ups over the top, I didn't have to wait long and I received a weird take, I struck into the rod and felt the fish but then immediately it was off I was gutted as I hate losing fish. I brought the rig back and everything looked fine so I re wrapped it to the mark and got it back out feeling a little deflated I retired to the comfort of my bed chair for the night ahead. 
I woke early in the morning after a very quite night, I sat watching the water for signs and it appeared there wasn't anything in the area I could see or to make me stay there it was in my mind that I needed to move and that just what I did. After getting my kit to the chosen peg I found the spots for my rods and again introduced 1 kilo of Trent Baits Shrimp to each spot before I scarpered of to the on site cafe for a full English breakfast. I arrived back at the swim around half 10 and got all 3 rods out onto the chosen spots and topped up again with a little bit more bait. I sat watching the water for a while until I went to sit down on the bed chair before I knew it I was drifting in and out of sleep, around an hour later the middle alarm gave a few bleeps I shot up to discover there was birds diving on the spot, this happened a few times so I decided to top that spot up with a little more bait to keep it fresh. a few hours passed and I was just scrolling through my phone when the middle alarm once again gave a few beeps, I put this down to the birds diving again but then a few seconds later it went into melt down, soon dropping my phone I lifted into the rod and straight away I could feel a heavy powerful fish on the end. After a good 10/15 minute battle the owner Chris had came round and a few minutes later a huge common rolled over the net and he scooped it up my heart sank as I peered into the net I could tell it was big and could possibly beat my current PB which I had got 2 weeks before from the same venue. After sorting the camera and scales we hoisted the unit of a common into the waiting cradle. At first we wasn't sure which fish it was until we rolled it over and see the distinctive mark on its side We knew it was a fish called "Mean Bean" normally goes around the 37/38lb mark at this point I shaking and buzzing with excitement, we secured her in the sling and lifted her up onto the scales they finally settled on 34.8 and it was clear she had, had a good spawn which was great to see it also meant it was a new Personal Best for myself which I was over the moon with and it was another target ticked of the list. Shots done I got into the water for a few water shots and then released her back into her watery home letting of a massive "YES" as I watched her swim away. After drying myself off and changing into clean dry cloths I re sorted all the rods and put a touch more bait out, unfortunately the birds didn't leave me alone and kept diving for the rest of the session but I couldn't care less I was going home with a massive smile on my face. 

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