I arrived at the syndicate at around 4pm on Friday, grabbed a bucket out of the car and went for a short walk. Whilst walking around I spoke to a few people, one of which had caught 2 fish that day so I decided to go in the swim that had done the bites as the lake has only done a handful of bites in a few weeks. 

I got set up and got the rods out I put all 3 rods on wicked white pop ups on a ronnie rig made up of the Hobo Armour Curveshank Hooks in  Size 6 with a HookbeadMicro Ring Swivel on to a one of there new 360 Ring Swivels.  

It looked good for more bites however the night passed without any indication. I woke up around 6am the following morning and sat watching the water, made a cup of tea then out of the blue the bobbin pulled up tight to the alarm and the reel slow ticked off. So I struck the rod and made contact with the fish and straight away it roared off towards some snags. I tightened the clutch up and guided it away then out of no where it started aggressively turning from side to side in an attempt to get away. 

I finally managed to get it close in and again it decided to power off down the margin towards even more snags. After a dutch wrenching fight I finally got it under control. The fish slowly came up to the surface ready for netting and I slid the net under it and it was MINE. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked in the net I was shaking with excitement, I rang my friend who was only a few swims up to come down and do the honours with me. We got it up on to the scales and it went 40lb 8oz I can’t believe it new PB and my first UK 40 a few members came around to have a look and congratulate me. To say I was over the moon would be an understatement, and to top it all off I also got to name the fish which I named it Paw Print.

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