So it all started when I read an article in a popular carp fishing magazine which sparked my imagination. The article was about a session on the Yateley Match Lake where the angler had a quest to catch the Redmire Common. 

I arrived at the lake around lunch time to start my session. After a couple of hours walking around I decided to drop into a quiet bay with the wind hacking into it. The wind was a very strong SW wind, which if you don't know is a warm wind and the carp quite often follow this wind.

Whilst having a lead about I found 2 very clear spots one of which was right in front of me and the other was to my right down a tree line against some snags. I chose the clear spots because the sheer amount of weed would of made it difficult to present my rig effectively elsewhere. I baited each spot with a boilie only approach mixing both 12mm and 15mm as I was told this is predominantly a particle water and I wanted to go against the curve but at the same time offer a variety of shapes and sizes that you would get with particle.

I decided to keep things simple and due to fishing on a hard bottom I didn't need to do anything too fancy and complicated so I went with a basic Hair Rig. I was using a Size 8 Twister Hook and the Khaki Coated Armour BraidThe first night resulted in a 35lb catfish although this wasn't exactly what I was after it was welcome all the same. 

The next day I decided to have a short walk down the bank, whilst looking in the gin clear water below some snags I could see some huge yateley carp hiding in the snags through my Hobo Optics Polarised Glasses.

Due to fishing the snags I had my drags set fairly tight as to not let the Carp gain too much line. As your probably aware when fishing locked up when they go THEY GO. I was rudely awakened at 6am to my first ever Yateley Carp trying its hardest to rip my rod of the pod. After a tiresome fight I slip the net under a stunning 23lb Mirror Carp. I very quickly got my rods back on the spot. I didn't put anymore bait out due to the possibility of there being more carp in my swim and not wanting to spook them off. My thoughts were correct and not long after the rods being back out, I had yet another 23lb Mirror Carp from the snags.

After a quiet 24 hours Darren Eyre, a fellow team mate came to see me with some lunch and while we was watching the water, having a chat the right hand rod sprung into life and after a short battle a stunning 30lb mirror was sulking in the folds of my landing net.

While still full of adrenaline from the previous night I decided to get away early and started packing down. Whilst putting my gear away the bobbing from my left hand rod began to smash into my bite alarm and resulted in yet another angry looking mirror carp which spun the scales at 19.8lb. To say my first visit to Yateley Match lake was impressive would have been an understatement and I will definitely be returning for the Redmire Common.

- Martyn "Never Smiles" Reeves


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