When fishing PVA in winter it is so important to remember the very serious affect oil has on the break down time. Lots of anglers continue to use the same oily stick mixes right through winter, this with dramatically increase the melt times of PVA. So by altering your approach very slightly you can sizeably increase your catch rate. By using lots of oils you can render your PVA totally useless and end up with a clump of soggy PVA covering your hook for the best part of your session. With these few simple tricks you can easily tranform your Winter PVA fishing.

In Winter I love to fish stringers. Stringers are basically a few boilies slid down some of our fast melt PVA string and tide onto the rig. This allows you present a small handful of boilies right next to your hook bait thus reducing the need to bait up. An alternative to this is to use our 25mm PVA mesh along side our PVA Swivels.

1. When using PVA string we advise to use our Fast Melt PVA - Click Here

2. Avoid oils at all cost including PVA friendly glugs.

3. Make sure to trim off every single bit of excess PVA.

4. Make your sticks up as you need them not before the session.


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