With a location in mind we headed out in the hopes of a day of catching up and catching some carp, however with a no dogs rule we didn't know about until unloaded and queuing a quick change of plan ensued.

Luckily enough a short trip down the A331 we had another opportunity to get the rods out.

Although it wasn't our first choice it was still a fruitful one as not long after our arrival we had fish showing them selves in front of us.

With only one rod I decided to settle into a peg which gave me a lovely corner spot that simply had to hold some carp. A few handfuls of boilie were deployed and my rig cast first time I was confident of a bite.

Despite the confidence booming I couldn't ignore the carp topping in front of me, just a few feet in front of an empty peg I guessed as a heavily match oriented lake that the previous day an Angler had tipped his or hers left over bait into the edge.

With this in mind I decided to fish for a bite at a time and fished a simple stiff hinge multi rig using a size 6 chod hook with a washed out pink pop up and hooking on a small pva bag of 10mm Boilies.

A quick chuck with a bare lead to get the distance I found a smooth area to aim at, clipping my rig back on I gently cast towards the peg.

Again confidence was high as I sat and waited with a brew in hand. I didn't get a chance to finish my tea as the first carp slipped up and took my bait. A short battle followed with a little angry common.

Photos taken and the common slipped back I attached another small bag and fired the rig back out towards that peg.

Whilst we waited we chewed the fat over the usual, work and weekend plans until my Neville started beeping again, a one toner anyone would be proud of. Another stunning common followed and once again it was over my net cord, we admired her in the net and decided to slip her straight back.

Another bag attached and another cast the rod was back on the alarm, what came along was a small spot of madness as Richards rod tore off whilst getting ready to net it for him my rod melted away, with a fish each we got our rigs back out and set up the camera for a few shots.

The carp had other ideas as Richards rod was away again and mine too, nets now holding two carp and one in the sling we decided to leave the rods out and get the fish taken care of. Pictures taken and carp returned the kettle was back on.

A successful day was throughly enjoyed and our slow pack up started, that was until my rod was away again this time a lovely little mirror decided to fall victim of my rig.

With the day session drawing to an end we agreed it was a great bit of fun and just what was needed.


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