Winter is right around the corner and one method stands out more then any other and its singles. It can pay off in a big way not to bait up and having just that one bait out there. Most people go with a fluoro but one thing you have to consider is they aren't always as visible as you think once submerged. There are a few major benefits of fishing single hook baits such as minimal disturbance to the water allowing you to sneak up on unsuspecting carp. When fishing singles it also make it a lot quick and easier to change pegs onto showing fish, as you won't have buckets of bait to haul around a lake.

Whatever colour you go for always remember the situation you are in and take into account the surrounding colours. For obvious reasons when fishing a murky water fluoro colours are definitely the way to go but if its gin clear I feel a washed out pop up is my go to. Pink is my preferred colour as there are very few other pink items at the bottom of a lake in comparison to yellow or cream as they are both very natural colours and can resemble leaves or stones etc. 

If I had to decide right now on my favourite pop up colour I would have to say two different types for two different situations. In murky choddy waters I prefer a bright fluoro pop such as our Blackcurrant which are a very fluorescent pink and comes in a mixed tub of 12mm and 14mm so we have you covered in any situation. In a perfectly clear water with little debris it would have to be our Peanut & Vanilla which comes in a very light natural colour which is almost white and once again comes in a mixed tub of 12mm and 14mm.

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