Team Shenton 48hours At Farlows

Team Shenton 48hour Session

After a Recent Visit to Farlows Lake with the BeardedCarpers Scott and Darren Eyre, Myself and Team Shenton member Andy Jr decided to return to the venue to try and bag a few Farlows carp.

With both of us working we didn't manage to get down to the lake till around 6pm on Friday, on arriving it was clear to see the venue was very busy! A quick walk round lake two and a limited selection of swims we opted for pegs 15 and 16.

After paying for our Tickets a quick chat with the baliff Eggy and then Dipping our Nets and Unhooking mats we started setting up. Both with very different approaches in mind Andy Jr decided that fishing close in and by the margins would suit his swim and Myself (Richard) decided fishing out in open water in depths of around 6-8foot of water just in front of some light Canadian pond weed would be my approach.

After an hour of setting up and putting the kettle on Andys Alarms burst into Action with him striking and being into his first Farlows Carp. After a short fight the fish was in the Net, A lovely little 12lb Mirror Carp. After a few pictures and slipping the fish back we carried on chewing the fat and catching up on things. With the Arrival of Andys first Born Baby fishing has been limited for himself so he was happy to have got on the bank and within an hour bag himself a fish. Always a good way to start a session on a new lake.

A couple of hours pass and with the weather changing the rain soon started to come down, with no fish still I decided to introduce a little bit of bait to the spots, I like to fish little and often as I'm a true believer that you can always put bait in but you can't take it out.

Not long after I finish baiting Andy's Alarm bursts into action again, after playing the fish for a few minutes it's apparent that the fish has a lot of weed round it's head. It's not until it gets closer to the net that I can see that it's a lovely dark looking Tench. Once in the Net I get the fish sorted whilst Andy gets the rod back out on the spot.

Always a good idea getting the rod back out on the area just in case the fish have moved in on your swim you don't want there to be no rig in the water.

As the night starts to draw in the rain really starts to come down and with the bites slowing right up and no fish through the night we talk tactics and plan for the day ahead. I decide I'm going to introduce some bait on a small area with a spod and fish artificial corn over a bed of corn and hemp with some chopped bollies. Whilst over my right hand rods I decide a scattering off bollies will be my approach with chod rigs.

Andy Jr decides to fish all three rods with bottom baits and a few handfuls of corn and chopped bollies. Not long after baiting up were joined by our friends and fellow Anglers BeardedCarpers Scott and Darren, who greet us with a lovely cuppa tea which is always welcome.

Whilst discussing recent captures and updating them on the previous day's events Andy is off again with his middle rod stripping Line, after a short battle the fish is in the net. A quick weigh and a few pictures later it's a Stunning 9lb mirror carp only a small fish but immaculate condition, so with CarpCare applied to the hook hold Andy slips the fish back.

With Scott and Darren reluctant to go we arrange another social with them and then get back to making up a few rigs just incase it's a hectic night. As we're getting ready for the night ahead I get a slow take on my left hand rod as I watch the line creep up and the bobbin hit the rod blank I reel into the take and can soon tell that it's a bream! Not what I'm after but at least it's a sign that the fish are feeding.

The night draws in and it's a completely different feel to the night before, the pressure has dropped and the wind has eased of with no rain. We decide to get a few hours sleep only to be woken at 2am by Andys Alarm going off "one toner" after a spirited fight it results in a pristine 12lb Common Carp, then followed 45 minutes later by another lovely low double common.

It was apparent the fish were on the bottom baits so not being one to ignore the fact they were getting on the bait I decided to change my right hand rod over to the same tactics although Through the night I had a couple of line bites but unfortunately no fish, it was just a Bream for myself but that's fishing for you.

With it being Father's Day on Sunday were up early and Packing away to get off first thing in the morning it's been a cracking 48hours for Andy resulting in some absolutely immaculate carp not the biggest in the world but when they are in great condition who cares.

As for me I'm due to be back down the lake in a few weeks time for a social so there's always next time.......#Teamshenton 

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