Trusty Notepad - Stu Smith

Time on the bank is precious to us carp anglers, especially to those of us who have a full time job and a full time family! When I do get on the bank my head is full of so many things from which peg to choose to whether I locked the front door on the way out, add to that the excitement of getting on the bank and my head is all over the show before I’ve even wet a line! It’s not surprising then that when we do start fishing its quite easy to forget things about the session.


That is why one of the simplest bits of my armoury is also one of my most effective…….my notepad!


Unless I know the peg I’m fishing my sessions generally start with the marker rod or at the very least a lead around with one of my fishing rods. Whilst I’m doing this my trusty pad and pen is next to me and everything is getting noted down from depths to bottom make up and even times and locations of fish shows.


When I have finally decided on my spots I then make a note of how many wraps it is to the spot, the far bank features I can aim to (including high markers such as tree’s for when it goes dark) and also how much bait I have introduced.


Throughout the session I will then constantly update my notepad with the fish I’ve caught (how many times have we forgotten the EXACT weight of a fish!), the bait I’ve introduced throughout the session, fish shows, rig changes, location changes etc. The list of information you can jot down is endless and all so valuable especially if you are on a peg you are going to fish again, all the hard work will be done ready for your next session and you can concentrate on your fishing!


Now was that 22 wraps or 23 to that far bank tree?”




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