Apply For The Team

I just want to give you a short introduction to how we work, everyone starts of on the same 20% discount that is your reward for the promotional work you will be doing via social media shares etc. We work on a 3 tier process meaning the 20% can rise to 30% dependant on the amount you put into your role. The final tier of our membership is to be a full sponsored angler who receive a budget each month to spend on our website, this reward is because these members are a constant source of great material for our adverts and social media posts.

The reason main we increase this discount is mainly due to the quality of photos and video clips sent in and also consistency of catch rate. We don't force team members to buy products they won't use, the only thing we ask new members to buy one of our Tackle Box Bundles which are massively reduced in price in comparison to buying the items individually. We only ask this so that we don't have team members who only own a hat and some swivels after 12 months of being with us. Team members must be prepared to promote and use all of our products including both clothing and end tackle so unfortunately we can't take on new members who are already affiliated with clothing or end tackle companies.

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