Kryston - Score GOLD Heavyweight Leadcore - 60lb Camou

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Introducing the world's heaviest carp lead core.

How heavy? Pick up a spool, feel the weight and the question is answered immediately; incredibly it weighs in over six times heavier than many of the light weights currently on sale.

The all-important heart of the product has been Specially Selected. In order to achieve extreme density no less than a whopping SW20 grade lead-house has been used. The construction of Dyneema and high tenacity polyester woven around it really makes this product unique setting it apart from all others.

For the many who have Suffered Previously with the trouble of lead popping out there is no such worry with score gold. Following repeated casting the tight weave of outer material Ensures the inner core remains kink-free and stays Firmly locked into place. When used as a Conventional spliced ​​leader over soft silty bottoms SG immediately sinks through the bottom debris disappearing from view. More importantly When pursuing wary line shy fish it places the rising mainline Considerable a distance from the hook-bait presentation Improving no end.

For the first time you have the luxury of using heavy indicators without spoiling presentation. Its immense weight Allows you to tension the line without lifting the leader helped off the bottom.

This much sought after product opens up many exciting new methods for love especially cautious margin feeders. For the stalking angler who prefers free-lining SG has no equal.

It's heavy enough to cast without a bomb making it extremely effective for presenting bait at close range. Due to its substantial weight it hugs the bottom like no tomorrow whilst resisting strong undertow in windy conditions.

Construction has been given the highest priority. Woven high tenacity polyester blended with pure Dyneema fibers Ensure this durable leader stands up to constant recasting with little sign of wear. Color is first-rate; the choice of Camou or silt blends in with most backgrounds.

Those who have struggled to splice lead core in the past will welcome Score Gold with open arms. Even for the novice splicing is child's-play due entirely to the large gauge of lead contained within. As soon as the inner core is removed it Reveals a hollow sleeve so wide the needle simply slides through.

This seriously heavy product is suitable for all stillwater and river applications opening a whole new world in presentation. Brilliant for carp and barbel, a genuine advance and 'the' helicopter rig material to use.

Spliced strength 60lb plus.
Comprehensive step-by-step instructions splicing & heavy duty splicing needle included with each pack.


  • 10m spool
  • 60lb
  • Camou
  • Muddy Brown