Rigs, Rigs & More Rigs

Rigs, Rigs & More Rigs
As you can probably tell by the title this is going to be a very well thought out discussion about rigs and what I believe is the best rigs..... Nah this ain't going to be that, this is going to be a short waffle on about what rigs I use and why I use them. Are you bored yet? So! what rigs do I use and why do I use them? There are four rigs that I use, i've tied and tried pretty much every rig there is, well that I know of at least. Every time I see a new article or YouTube video and someone's banging on about the latest rig and how awesome it is, or that its guaranteed to put more fish on the bank I think to myself i'll give that ago. Not because I believe its a wonder rig but because I love trying new rigs out. I love the process of tying a rig and seeing how the mechanics work.

Right my first rig is what i use in solid bags and it's pretty simple to be honest. The German rig, 4 inches of soft braid, size 6 hook, a black kicker, a metal bait screw and a hook bead. Dead simple to tie you have a figure of eight loop knot at the end to loop it on and off the lead it couldn't be more simple. I do tend to use a bait screw over a hook swivel mainly because it's heavier and ensures any wafter hookbaits i use will not be lifting up the hook in any way, plus you haven't got to mess about with bait floss and blobbing the end with a lighter. Again i'm not saying this is the best rig to use in a solid bag, it's just what i prefer to use as it suits my style of fishing.
Rig number two, The Chod rig, this rig needs no introduction wether you think Chods are for nods or for the gods they really are a cast anywhere and its fishing effectively rig. A stiff chod mono filament to help keep the curve in the rig, a plastic bait screw for less weight when keeping that hook popped up, a size 8 or size 6 hook depending what size hookbait i'm using, a mini ring swivel to attach the rig to the leader and i normally tie it off with a two turn blood knot. I do sometimes use a krimping tool as I find by using a krimp you can get the length bang on every time and i find i don't have to use as much putty when weighing the rig down.

The third and final rig for now is the Spinner rig/Ronnie rig/Turbo German rig. This rig has many names and gets a lot of stick on the socials but for me it's a worthy rig. When ever I go somewhere where im likely to get multiple hits of fish i go for this rig. The main reason why is the ability to change the hook and still reuse the boom section, saving on having to tie up new rigs meaning I can change the hook quickly when needed and get the rod back out on the spot as quickly as possible. I normally use around 6inchs of soft or semi stiff coated braid for the hooklink, an S swivel, a black kicker, a metal bait screw with a hook bead and a size 6 hook. The joys of this rig is that you can use it with a bottom bait, wafters or pop ups just by adding a small amount of putty to the boom section so really it is a multi use rig.

So there you have it! Three out of my four go to rigs. I will discuss in detail another time my forth rig, how I construct it and why I believe it's an awesome rig with some mega hook holds.