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WHAT YOU WILL NEED Curveshank Hooks: CLICK HERE 1.5mm Shrink Tube: CLICK HERE Tungsten Putty: CLICK HERE MR-Swivels: CLICK HERE View this post on Instagram A post shared by Hobo Armour (@hoboarmour)
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Carp Hormone Rumours
I think the term Wrong'ens has now changed from describing fish to describing a select few in the angling community who feel it's necessary to pollute our waters and put other anglers at risk using untested prescription Hormones for nothing but selfish reasons.
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Whipped Blowback Rig
Mark Williams gives us a quick run down on a rig he has been using this season with great effect. Due to the aggressive nature of the Hex Gapes Hooks coupled with there extremely sharp Beaked Point they are quickly...
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