1. Always remember 1 hour in the right spot is better then a week in the wrong spot. Don't be afraid of a move it is by far my favourite way of ending blank.

2. Always have a 3rd rod setup to cast at showing fish or ready for a bit of stalking. Ideally opt for a bright pop up with a strong flavour and I personally would be using PVA mesh just for that extra bit of attraction but no more then a mouth full. If there are no shows or obvious spots to fish you can always try putting the rod just off your baited spot.

3. Zig rigs are usually my last morning chucks. I love fishing zig rigs to showing fish and sitting there with the anticipation waiting for the inevitable. Once winter kicks in and the carp aren't feeding as much there is no more need for them to be on the bottom so you will often find them mid water. 

4. High Attract hook baits are an absolute must for sneaking that last minute bite. When I say high attract I don't just mean scent I am a big believer in colour over flavour. 

5. Most importantly be on the look out, laying down in your bivvy watching films won't help you catch more fish. Invest in a comfy chair and warm jacket and watch the water, the amount of times i've seen a carp roll right under my tip eyes is unreal and I could of easily missed it. You can look out for everything from bubbles, slick patches appearing even birds diving on a spot you haven't baited can give you a good indication of where they are feeding. I love nothing more then watching my bobbins with anticipation especially after a smooth slick patch appears over my baited spot.

6. Don't sit there failing once you feel something isn't right, change it up a bit. It could be something as small bait colour or a change of rig. I am a huge fan of the multi-rig for many reasons but the main one for me is when its getting difficult it lets me know if i'm having aborted takes. If a carp has picked up the rig it will pull tight and is a fantastic indicator for whats been happening. None of us are perfect and we cannot say 100% that are rigs are fishing effective everytime and sometimes a re chuck can get you back on the money.

7. Be as organised as possible we all have a friend who ties his rigs as he goes along. If the unfortunate happens and you snap off, have a bird related incident or neighbouring angler takes out your lines it can be a lengthly exercise to get the rods back out and having a few rigs tied up in your rig wallet can really maximise your time on the bank.


  • David Hopkins

    Nothing thats not been said for 30 years.
    Good gear the best you can afford.
    Keep warm,hot drinks and hot food,couple of beers if you feel up for it.
    Watch the water,keep as quiet as you can.
    Terminal tackle-Hobo I’m impressed so far.I’ve appointed myself as an unpaid tester.
    Bait – Sticky,Dna,Baitworks,Mainline,Essential baits.No order
    Flavours and pellets- British Aqua Feed,CCMoore if you can’t get them at BAF
    There’s about 20/30 rigs on the market at the the moment,I stick with:
    Knotless knot
    No order or fancy ways of doing them.
    Sweet corn and Chickpeas from Aldi.
    If you want to save a bit of dollar
    Pigeon Fancier boil and flavour throw in a few of your chosen boilie.
    If you can get on a syndicate great but if you have got to cast 140 yards for fish and your best is 120 yards buy a bait boat👍
    Finally,look after the fish and the wildlife, litter and your family and friends.
    Carp fever does not go away

  • Anthony Ormston

    A really good read of the article and nice to know I do the most of that, especially the part about being a lazy angler. I like to keep on the move if the fish aren’t biting. And when you do find that spot and catch it’s amazing. Nice one

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