If you aren't aware of what a chod rig is it stems from the "Short Rig" which was adapted from the popular Hinged Stiff Links but greater suited much more siltier and weedier venues where stiff hinged had a tendency to bury themselves in the silt bed. The Chod rig is its essentially a micro D-Rig fished before the lead on the mainline and semi fixed in place by using 2 chod beads spread apart allowing the rig to slide up and down the mainline. This method of fishing allows the rig to slide up the line on the descent of the cast rather then being pulled through debris by the lead.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs and articles confidence in your rig presentation is vital in winter. If your not confident in your rigs you will find yourself constantly reeling in a tweeking things to edge a bite. When the carp aren't moving and feeding less and less the last thing you want to be doing is repeatedly casting a lead in your swim.

As the temperatures drop and the chance of storms increases you will find a lot more natural foliage in the water, which can be anything from a few rotten leaves to half a tree. Snags will appear where there were no snags and the general bottom of a lake can change quite drastically. This can mean rig presentation can be a nightmare and the chod rig is perfect for this situation. You can be pretty certain that where ever you cast, that your rig is fishing effectively.

We have a wide selection of products to help you create your perfect chod rig including a chod rig pack which has everything you can possibly need to tie it along with an easy to follow video how to guide.

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