As the water temperature falls in winter the metabolism of carp drastically slows down put simply they eat a lot less. Carp tend to move around a lot less meaning they are using a lot less energy and as a result need to feed less often and much smaller amounts. I am sure we are all aware that people have had good sessions in winter over a baited area although it is very important to consider and alter your baiting strategy in the colder months. Singles and PVA are a miles better approach in comparison to piling mountains of bait in. 

As I have already explained Carp don't tend to move around much in Winter which means location is everything. Travelling light is key and don't be afraid to do a few laps of the lake each day. If you aren't on the fish when you arrive you probably won't be on the fish for the rest of the session.

It is entirely possible to have big hits of fish when fishing for one bite at a time with very little or no bait around it. A preferred technique is to trickle in baits little and often before actually fishing the venue this allows fish to stay active in the area rather than leaving and moving on elsewhere. I love to use particle in summer and winter is no exception although I drastically decrease the quantity and oil content. I will only apply more bait after I have had a bite.

When fishing in winter I find that visual bait choice is miles more important then smell/ taste. I like to use White pop ups preferably. White is incredibly visible under the water especially when the waters start to clear up and very easily grabs attention.

When bites are hard to come by confidence in your rigs are so important so chose a rig you are 100% confident in, because the last thing you want to be doing is constantly re-chucking rigs at easily spooked carp. We have a large range of rig packs available that come with very easy to follow videos so you can be positive your rig is fishing effectively.

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