Calum Pawsey's Stiff Hinged Rig

Calum Pawsey's Stiff Hinged Rig


Tying the ever faithful Stiff Hinge Rig Hobo Armour presents a simple step by step, yet detailed guide on how to tie the ever faithful stiff hinge rig. Known as one of the best hooking rigs around, learn how to add this fantastic method to your armoury.

Step 1: Take a length of Hobo's Amoured Chod filament.

Step 2: Take a Hobo Armour Original SP-Chod hook or new Offset Chod hook.

Step 3: Pass about an inch of the hook link through the back of the eye and whip up the shank 4-8 times depending on hooking diameter.

Step 4 : Slide your choice of bait attachment on to the tag end of the knotless knot. In this instance I use a micro ring swivel. Pass the tag end back through the eye of the hook to create a neat loop, and blob down with a lighter .

Step 5: Slide a R-swivel on to the hook link and double it over. Make the distance between hook eye and swivel smaller depending how short you want the finished rig to be. Now wrap the tag end around the hook link 2 times and pass it back through the small loop that will have been made. Moisten the not and pull down to tighten. Blob the tag end with a lighter.

Step 6: Take a length of coated braid to form your supple boom section, and attach it to the large eye of the swivel with a 5 turn grinner knot. On the other end of the boom section tie an over hand knot to create a stiffer section and help prevent tangles.

Step 7: Now simply attach your chosen pop up hook bait and balance with tungsten putty. Add a little to the boom section in order to help the bait sink away from the lead set up.

Follow the simple above steps to tie one of the most effective rigs in the sport, renowned for its hooking potential and hook holds. All the components seen in this ‘How To' can be found at

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