Here are a few hints and tips for fishing with GOOTS

1. As we all know maggots like to wriggle about a bit and when they wriggle they generate heat so always remember to leave the lid off your bucket or leave them in a purpose made maggot tub. If you leave the lid on or keep them in a bag they will get far too hot very quickly and eventually start sweating and turn in to casters.

2. Always make sure the shop has freshly cleaned the maggots before you get them if not then you will find lots of sawdust and dirt mixed in with them. If they are not cleaned its not the end of the world you can riddle all the excess off and ass maize flour. If possible put them in a bag and suffocate them as this will help increase the time it takes for them to sweat.

3. Always keep an eye on your maggots as they can start foaming up very quickly if not looked after this is mainly due to stress from being too warm or not having enough oxygen so if possible keep them in a cool place.

4. Ideally buy your maggots from a match angling shop as they tend to have a good supply in stock and usually clean them at least once a day.

5. Try adding Krill powder to your maggots instead of maize flour to give yourself a nice little edge. Some shops will sell maggots already covered in Krill powder.

6. If you are fishing maggots baiting up is a bit of a problem so lots of anglers decide to either spod there bait out or use PVA. If you decide on using PVA make sure your maggots are dry as possible using Maize flour or some sort of groundbait as this will stop the PVA melting on the cast.

7. With maggots being very small and easily digestible don't be afraid of putting too much in. Contact the lake before hand to see if there is a limit but personally I aim for the limit.

8. Some people like to use bait floss and a Rig Ring (Click Here To Purchase) or a Maggot Clip (Click Here To Purchase) I personally prefer using both on D-Rig setup. With this method it allows me to quickly slide a new loaded maggot clip onto the rig ring before I re-chuck for the night.

9. Suffocating maggots using a plastic bags is a fantastic way of stopping them from wriggling when they hit the deck and burying in the silt or weed.

10. I like to use mixed coloured maggots as I find it works well on pressured lakes for the bigger carp its a very old match tactic that has stuck with me for a while.

11. People worry about fishing maggots when there are lots of nuisance fish, in this case I would opt to use a pop up tipped with maggot in the same way I would fish particle.

12. When fishing with maggot I like to use a running rig setup as I find this will give me adequate bit indication in the event a nuisance fish is accidentally hooked.

 13. Protecting the hook is very important when fishing with maggots. I dread to think of the amount of times i've hooked a maggot from my clip on a cast this is easily stopped my wrapping a PVA nugget around the hook.


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