How long should the Hair be?

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This is a common question we get asked a lot at Trade Shows not just from new anglers but anglers with many years of experience behind them.
The basic goal of any rig is to turn the hook over as quick as possible and I am a huge believer that carp often use the bait to eject the hook. As a general rule the bigger the bait the longer your hair should be. Another thing to take into consideration is the size of the hook with the same rule the smaller the hook the small the hair. When carp are feeding they are feeling for abnormalities in bait such as weight and shape. If your bait sits is too close to the hook then you will negatively impact the weight and shape making it sizeably easier to identify as a rogue bait so something as simple as extending the hair can be the difference that helps convert the bite to a take.
Our bait extender stops allow you to quickly and easily extend or shorten the length of your hair to what ever length you desire. In each pack you will receive 2 sheets and each sheet has 3 different sizes meaning one pack will cover your angling needs for multiple scenarios for a very long time.