Knot Protection

Knot Protection
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One thing a lot of anglers neglect to take into account is knot protection especially on gravel pits and areas with lots debris.
There’s many occasions I look at rig and think that needs tidying up… especially when fishing those tricky waters where carp have seen everything. We have all been in that situation where we have stripped some coated braid back and the coating has flared out. Little things like this and knot tag ends can cause you a variety small issues that are very easily overcome with minimal effort.

A lot of anglers use shrink to overcome this and wrap it in putty. Here at hobo we have 6 types of shrink available and for smaller knots such as on a combi rig we recommend using our 1.5mm. If you plan on wrapping it in putty your sizeably better off using one of our tungsten sinkers which are available in sizes small right up to extra large. This not only tidies and protects the knot but also keeps it pinned to the lake bed. For larger knots such as the double figure of eight on a multi rig loop our tungsten chod beads are perfect. They are tapered so they slide over the knot perfectly.